PhD. Javier Collado Ruano is a Full Professor in «Philosophy of Education» at the National University of Education (UNAE) in Ecuador, where he has served as dean of educational innovation and entrepreneurship for the last 4 years. He is historian, educator, journalist, philosopher, environmentalist, filmmaker, museologist, and educational videogame designer. He holds a PhD in Dissemination of Knowledge by the Federal University of Bahia (Brazil) and other PhD in Philosophy by the University of Salamanca (Spain), both with extraordinary cum laude award. Master Degree in Sociology of Education by the University of Seville (Spain) and Graduation in History by the University of Valencia (Spain) with specialization in International Relations and Archeology by the University of Palermo (Italy). He is founder and Director at Global Education Magazine (supported by UNESCO and UNHCR) and President at Education for Life NGO. He is also Academic Member of the CIRET (France) and FLACSO (Spain), Member of the editorial board at the Journal of International Society of Philosophy and Cosmology (Ukraine), Advisory Board Member at Shreeranya Renewable India, and Education Advisor at Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies (USA). His research interests are Transdisciplinary, Biomimicry, Regenerative Philosophy, Philosophy of Education, Didactics of Arts and Humanities, Global Citizenship, Interculturality, Culture of Peace, Spirituality, Emotional Intelligence, Environmental Education, Ecological Economics, Poverty Eradication, Human Rights, Epistemology, Globalization, Co-evolution, Big History, Complexity, and Life.



global education magazine, UNESCO, UNHCR, DMMDC, Educar para vivir,Global Education Magazine is an e-journal supported by the Regional Offices of Latin America and the Caribbean of UNESCO and UNHCR which raise awareness about the Sustainable Development Goals led by United Nations (SDGs). Professor Collado-Ruano founded this initiative after his educational proposal became the most voted in the groupSustainable Development for the Eradication of Poverty in Rio+20”.

Prof. Collado-Ruano founded Global Education Magazine in 2012 to create a meeting point between different educational agents from all around the world. It provides new opportunities for creation, dissemination, and exchange of transcultural experiences in poverty eradication, culture of peace, health, spirituality, refugees, democracy, human rights, gender equity, environmental issues, human solidarity, water, youth policies, voluntarism, and sustainable development.


Featured Interviews

Federico Mayor Zaragoza, Cecile Guidote Alvarez, Javier Collado Ruano

Federico Mayor Zaragoza

Foundation Culture of Peace President

Former Director-General of UNESCO

Cecile Guidote Alvarez

Director at Earthsavers UNESCO DREAM Center

irina bokova, basarab nicolescu, javier collado ruano, cristina nunez madrazo

Irina Bokova

UNESCO Director General

Basarab Nicolescu

Researcher in Transdisciplinarity and Complexity

irina bokova, basarab nicolescu, javier collado ruano, cristina nunez madrazo

Terry Callaghan

2007 Nobel Peace Prize

Kailash Satyarthi

2014 Nobel Peace Prize

Federico Mayor Zaragoza, Cecile Guidote Alvarez, Javier Collado Ruano

Federik Willem de Klerk

1993 Nobel Peace Prize

Leymah Gbowee

2011 Nobel Peace Prize


“The Lost Art of Education” is a Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+I) project that seeks to capture an integrative view, through an ecology of knowledge that proposes an educational model based on the arts. Its pedagogical objective is to question the current paradigm of institutionalized formal education that rarely goes beyond mere technical-professional training. Its activities include: the development of an audiovisual documentary series, holding workshops, training future teachers, design educational videogames, make puppets, create board games, presenting papers at academic events and writing scientific publications.

el arte perdido de la educacion


ONG Educar para vivirCo-founded by Professor Collado in 2012,Education for Life NGOpromotes the formation of different educational agents in innovative methodological techniques, with an international and holistic perspective, in order to get the awareness for current problems of the world-society. To do this, we start from the Global Citizenship Education approach, where the creation of alternative curricular materials and activities support our appropriate methodological tool to capture human dialogical cohesion between different local educational agents: students, families, teachers, institutions and the media.

On our philosophical working horizons we aim to denote the transformer scope of Education for Sustainable Development, which we try to develop in different social contexts in which we work in: Peru, Brazil, Palestine, Dominican Republic, and Spain. Education is not only a basic human right, but it is also an essential component of economic and social development. For that reason, our work promotes a democratic and accountable education in schools, where teachers´ attitude plays a very important role as actors democratization of responsibility and sustainability, they are agents of awareness and training of the educational community, and especially for children and young people.

Therefore, we believe that the school should be seen as the place of learning, rather than the place where they teach, achieving an active and participatory education, disseminating trans-disciplinary knowledge and including all educational agents, representing one necessary task to promote a dynamic and critical thinking, generating new ideas that bring economic and social development, aimed to create a better world in the future.